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Stay in Shape for Parents

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Having an active lifestyle can be challenging for new parents. Just finding time to sleep eight hours each day could seems like a real challenge, much less getting the necessary exercise to stay in shape.

But if your husband or your self would like to stay in shape, there is nothing feels like a good workout. Specially when you were used to have some sports before you had children, then you'll probably want to get back again at some time. If you want to take the little ones with you, then the jogging stroller is definitely a product for you.

Jogging Strollers are one of best ways for your family to have some fun exercise together. It's great for the little one to get outside once in a while. You can walk around the block and stay fit and healthy while the baby having a fun ride in the stroller. You don't want to over stress your body, but jogging is definitely one of the best ways to get fit.

These special strollers are designed for us to walk, run, or jog. These models ussualy have three unique features that separate them from regular buggy. They are 1) an all-terrain suspension system 2) have an aerodynamic three wheel design which includes one large wheel in the front and two smaller ones in the back 3) a nice sturdy handrail made to easily push the stroller while on the run.

Usually the stroller include a canopy to keep the sunlight out of your child's face when you're jogging or block the rainfall in case it start to drizzle.

The type of jogging stroller you buy will depend on what you want to do. A simple lightweight models is suffice if you just plans to do light jogs in the park. But for more heavy duty task like going through woods, traveling uphill, or hiking, you might need a more bulkier model.

It's not advised that you use them before the baby is 6 months old. It takes a toll both on mother's breasts milk production and overall energy level if you push yourself too quickly. It's recommended for mom and dad to use the 1st few weeks after having a newborn to lay around with your nightgown, take catnaps and enjoy just watching your little one. This is the only time you will get that opportunity. However, after six months, both parents can resume some form of outdoors activities if they like it.

The first thing you should consider when using a jogging stroller is to make sure the neck of your baby is supported nicely while he/she is in the stroller. You need to make sure the stroller come with a harness so that your infant is secure when are running. For use with younger infants, most popular brands came with a car seat apparatus that fits into the buggy. This device cushion the neck and head of your infant, and you can use it until your baby develops more neck support at around four months old.

A jogging strollers serves a particular niche and they are not designed for everyday activities. They can't be easily folded like umbrella strollers and have rather long front wheel area (which means it's easy to bump into other people in crowding places). But overall, they are great for regular uses as well, considering they're designed to lightweight, easy to manage and maneuver. Remember this when looking to purchase a stroller as it could make it worthwhile over a regular stroller.

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